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Our team is available to discuss any ideas at your convenience. We look forward to listening to your needs with respect to your property.  We will then introduce you to a TrueSouth professional, who will walk this road with you.

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We’ve been in the property business for a long time and we have learned a good bit over the years.  There are some important things to consider before selling your property.  Each individual and family situation is as unique as every property.  Therefore, an exact sales formula does not exist for every person and every property.  However, these are a few items that are fairly universal.

Give Yourself Time

You can avoid a lot of potential issues and anxiety by making sure that selling your property is the best decision for you at this time.  Talk to your family and trusted friends about the decision that you are making.  Some people prefer to make a list of the pros and cons of making such a big decision.  Making sure that you are committed to selling your property at this time in your life can help prevent you from being indecisive when you begin receiving offers.

Make Sure Everyone is On Board

Sometimes, the considerations surrounding a property sale requires more than just making an individual or immediate family decision.   Maybe your property has been in your greater family for a time and can involve some strong feelings from extended family members.  Possibly there are financial obligations and loan payoffs that need to be addressed before a property can be transferred.  It is best to understand all the factors that may arise during a property sale and be prepared to deal with them when necessary.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Particularly if you are selling rural land (timberland, farmland, hunting land, etc.), some of your best potential buyers are those who own acreage that either adjoins yours or is located in the same area.  This may seem very basic, but you’d be surprised how many times that neighbors are the last to know that a property is for sale.  You may not feel comfortable negotiating directly with a neighbor or handling the contract and closing on your own.  It may be a good idea to ask a professional for help on a limited basis.

Consider Enlisting Professional Help

What I am NOT saying here is that you should, without question, hire TrueSouth Properties to sell your property for you; although, I believe in our people, their integrity and our ability to sell property.  What I AM saying is that you can save yourself a great deal of time and effort by allowing qualified, property sales professionals to help you through the process.  A hardworking, experienced and trustworthy team of professionals can offer you valuable advice, guidance and integrated professional services to help you get the best results possible from your property sale.

Set Goals for Price and Timetable

There are a lot of real estate agents and companies out there.  Not all practice the profession with the same level of integrity and professionalism.  It can be frustrating to have an agent get you all worked up and excited for an expected result only to discover, months later, that they are not going to be able to produce what they led you to believe.  At TrueSouth Properties we are honest and realistic with our clients.  We believe the best results come when we go about our work the right way and give you the best assessment of your property and the market for your property.  We want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.  We are not in it for a one and done transaction.

Steps to Success

Making a Successful Sale

Below is just a small resource to help guide you through the sales process and give you an idea of some of the business professionals that can help simplify this undertaking. These steps will help you make that sale with confidence.

Gather details and facts about the property you are selling

Seek: TrueSouth Agent, Surveyors, Attorneys

Obtain tax and legal records for the property you are selling

Seek: TrueSouth Agent, Attorneys

Ensure that all parties who need to agree to sell the property are on board with the sale

Seek: TrueSouth Agent, Attorneys

Determine to whom the sale proceeds will go. Ensure that those parties understand the transaction. Make sure they understand the income tax consequences that will arise for them from the sale

Seek: Attorneys, Accountants

Research what is the highest and best use of the property and what the property is worth on the market

Seek: TrueSouth Agent, Appraisers, Attorneys, Foresters, Ag Specialists

Determine who your target market or potential buyers will be and how best to reach them

Seek: TrueSouth Agent

Market the property in a strategic and professional manner

Seek: TrueSouth Agent

Evaluate offers and negotiate to a contract

Seek: TrueSouth Agent, Attorneys

Manage inspections, surveys and other details to close the sale

Seek: TrueSouth Agent, Closing Agents

Enlist the help of real estate brokers and agents

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